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out of blooms : I’m not going to lie, I kind of want to do something ridiculous the next time I make a video for you guys. Like…wear a chewbacca mask or something. I can make the noise, so…

I was thinking I’d make a follower video Friday but I don’t know if I’ll be able to come up with something by then. It may have to wait. The shenanigans, that is. The video will come.

out of blooms : Getting out of here. The connection is getting slow so I’m better off just wrapping it up.

See y’all next weekend.

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"Try yours first," he counters. "I know those sort of bedclothes. My sensibilities are not so delicate as that." He winks a bright eye and grins. "I had suspected you’d bought a plaything and feared to let me know how you planned to attend yourself.”

Pressing her lips together she turns her head a little, eyeing him for the corners of her eyes. There’s a glimmer there redolent of mischief veiled by her lamblike shyness, even still. But then her brows knit and she looks at him directly again. “A plaything?” Her eyes divert away as she thinks about what he’s said. “…a toy? But why would I tend to myself with a toy? I don’t…under—” It begins to come together in her mind though she still isn’t entirely certain, and her eyes flit back to him, slightly wider. 

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out of blooms: I’m here! Well, kind of. I’m working on another blog, but also lurking here so I’m toggling back and forth.

If anyone wants to rp or what not, hit my ask.

out of blooms : I’m heading out for the night. I got most of my drafts done.

I may also be creating an account for another OC I’ve had in mind for a while. She would be an indie OUaT blog. I mean… I don’t need another OC… I really really don’t. But I’m really thinking about doing it anyway.

Anywho, more plotting with Phedre and Rumple tomorrow.

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"Not at all. I only ask that it pleases me to ask." As close as he was, he now takes a step back. "What great secret must be stowed away with bedclothes in the likeness of Kermit the Frog, I wonder?"

She smirks. “I bought pajamas for you, and pajamas for myself.” Raising on the tips of her toes, she brushes a kiss upon his cheek. “Well, actually they aren’t pajamas, but I could wear them to bed, I suppose,” she explains somewhat vaguely. The blush returns. “Won’t you try them on?” she asks with a wide smile, changing the subject.

out of blooms : Methinks I’m going to actually start introducing the Lili†i verse soon.

Lili†i is basically Belle gone Dark One, with a few of my personal touches. So anyone who’s interested in following along with that and maybe interacting with her, keep your eyes peeled for her.